What is BattleRoyale ?

BattleRoyale will be the first last-man-standing shooter powered by the revolutionary Blockchain technology.
Fight against other people just for fun (FREE2PLAY) or bet on yourself (PLAY2EARN) and earn BATTLE tokens for succeeding in a match of 30 people and being the BattleMaster!
Equip your character and weapons with awesome-looking skins to make your win look even more fancy. Skins will be available as unique NFTs, which can not only be used to impress other players, but can also be traded on NFT marketplaces.

Why BattleRoyale ?

There are a lot of last-man-standing shooters coming out lately and the popularity of this gaming style is ever-rising.
But until today, there is no blockchain-powered game where you can blow away the face of your opponents to prove yourself as the one and only BattleMaster and earn crypto while doing that. Well, until today.
This will change with our BattleRoyale crypto shooter!
You do not need any special equipment to join this amazing battle. A mediocre-performance computer will be enough to participate.
Just connect your WEB3 wallet with our website and let the opponents eat your bullets!

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Advantage of BattleRoyale



Skins based on

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Earn BATTLE tokens with your
gaming skills

Binance Smart

BattleRoyale RoadMap

  • 2021

    (1Q 2021)

    Idea + Market Research

    (2Q 2021)

    Start of Development

    (3Q 2021)

    Formation of BattleRoyale
    LTD Company

    (4Q 2021)

    Private Sale
  • 2022
  • 2023

Information around BATTLE Token

The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:

10% Private Sale
25% Public Sale
05% Company
10% Marketing
10% Partnerships
20% Developement / Ecosystem
20% Staking


Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Available for Private Sale: 100.000.000 BATTLE
Available for Public Sale: 250.000.000 BATTLE
End of Public Sale: 30th of June 2022
(or before if all BATTLE sold)
Listing of BATTLE: 1st of July 2022

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Referral System

Do you want to earn money with our project without investing by yourself?
Do you have friends who might be interested in our ICO?
Or do you just want to explore further profit opportunities in addition to your investment in our coin?
Use our referral system to inspire family, friends and acquaintances for BattleRoyale and our BATTLE token to receive a 5% share of the investment of your referrals within 24 hours, directly into your wallet!


Tom Kleimann

CEO BattleRoyale LTD

Benjamin Wittford

Head of Development

Chris Maschmeier

3D Designer

Laura Fuhrmann

Head of Marketing


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